Visual resources

There are many different ways that these visual resources can be used in workshops, classes, presentations, and meetings. Some suggestions are included below, but be creative and think of ways to use them that meet your own needs and interests.


These posters explain key parts of integration in simple and fun ways. If you print them and hang them on the walls during workshops and classes you could ask participants/students to move around the room and discuss what they think the posters mean. Or you could divide the participants/students into smaller groups, assign a different poster to each group, give the groups a set amount of time to read related written resources and discuss what their poster means, and then ask each group to present their poster to the rest of the participants/students. You can also hang the posters in your office, company, or sorting space to spark conversations about integration.

Poster – 7 Steps for implementing Waste Picker Integration

Poster – Definition of Waste Picker Integration

Poster – Separation at source and Waste pickers

Poster – Waste Picker Integration Principles

Poster – 3 Stages of the Waste Picker Registration Campaign

Poster – Waste Picker registration and Extended Producer Responsibilities

Poster – Key points about Waste Picker integration


This series of three infographics provides a simple, visual explanation of: 1) how reclaimers collect and revalue recyclables; 2) why there are negative consequences when private companies and people who are not reclaimers are contracted to collect recyclables; and 3) how reclaimers and municipalities benefit when reclaimers are contracted to collect separated recyclables. You can use the infographics in slide presentations, hang them on the walls during workshops and classes and have students engage them in different ways, or display them on the walls of your office, company, sorting space, or at home.

Infographic – Separation outside source

Infographic – Separation at source by companies

Infographic – Separation at source by reclaimers

Photo essays

It is hard to understand reclaimers and the work they do just by reading about them. Reclaimers were incredibly generous in welcoming us to take photos of them at home and while they were working. These photo essays give you rich insight into reclaimers, their work, and their lives.

The photo essays can be projected as part of presentations, shown on a loop on a big screen, or printed. Teachers can give students a photo essay (or ask them to choose one) and give them an assignment to use other resources on the website (as well as other sources) to explain what the photo essay tells us about larger  issues related to reclaimers and waste picker integration.

Photo essay 1 – Living and working in Bekezela

Photo essay 2 – Living and working in Metro Centre

Photo essay 3 – Reclaiming in the Streets in Johannesburg

Photo essay 4 – Recycling, upcycling and reusing

Photo essay 5 – Selling to buyback centres

Photo essay 6 – Northern landfill site

Photo essay 7 – Selling in the streets in Durban

Photo essay 8 – Palmer street recycling facility


The project provided the African Reclaimers Organisation (ARO) and the South African Waste Pickers Association (SAWPA) with resources to each make two short animated videos that they can use in their education and campaigning work. You can use the videos in your workshops, classes, and meetings. You can also share them on WhatsApp and social media to educate a wider group of people.

Recycling with Reclaimers

Recycling Superheroes

Separation at source

On the Road to Zero Waste


The project made videos on each of the three main case studies, which focus on: 1) paying reclaimers for providing a separation at source collection service; 2) infrastructure for reclaimers; and 3) landfill cooperatives. These videos provide a quick and engaging way to present the case studies.

They can be used to learn more about those specific initiatives and to kick-off discussion on what approaches to integration could be relevant in your specific context. The project and a sister project by the Plastics Pact also made videos on the daily lives of reclaimers that can be used as part of educational activities.

Video – Paying reclaimers for Separation at Source service – Johannesburg

Video – Landfill cooperatives – Mangaung

Video – A day in the life – landfill waste pickers

Video – A day in the life – street reclaimers

Video – Palmer Street Recycling Facility – Infrastructure for Reclaimers


The Reclaim, Revalue, Reframe project hosted a series of four webinars on waste picker integration in 2021 and 2022. Each webinar included at least one reclaimer representative and other (non-reclaimer) experts. The webinars focused on: 1) women reclaimers, 2) partnering with reclaimers, 3) integrating landfill reclaimers, and 4) the development and piloting of the South Africa Waste Picker Registration System (SAWPRS). You can watch the webinar recordings to learn more about the specific issues. You can also show clips of the webinars in classes, workshops, presentations, and meetings.

Webinar – Celebrating and learning from women reclaimers

Webinar – Partnering with reclaimers

Webinar – Integrating landfill waste pickers

Webinar – Waste picker registration


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Presentation – Reclaimer Registration Pilot Project