Understanding waste picking integration

What is waste picker integration? What is waste picker registration? Why are they important? How do we do them? These are some of the questions that are answered below through a combination of written overviews, posters, reclaimer profiles, webinar recordings, and an Integration Toolkit. The Case Study section of this website provides in-depth exploration of practical experiences of integration.


These materials provide an overview of the Waste Picker Integration Guideline and flesh out what it means by waste picker integration.

Additional resources:

Waste picker integration – Waste Picker Integration Guideline

Waste picker integration – Waste Picker Integration Principles

Poster – 7 steps

Poster – Definition of WP Integration

Poster – WP Integration Principles

Poster – Key points about WP integration


These materials explain why waste picker integration is important, how it contributes to meeting other key government priorities and development goals, and what it means to waste pickers.

Additional resources:

Reclaimers & Reclaiming – Reclaimer Contributions

Waste picker integration – Separation at source and integration

Poster – Separation at Source and Waste Pickers

Waste Picker Integration Guideline for South Africa

Reclaimer profile – Ana Mabe – Organisational support and friendship

Reclaimer profile – Dorah Mabe – Safe conditions

Reclaimer profile – Sibongile Muthwa – Professionalizing reclaiming

Reclaimer profile – Simon Ramohlokane – Sorting in a cooperative


One of the most important challenges facing municipalities, industry, and waste pickers is figuring out how to implement waste picker integration. The materials in this section provide concrete guidance on issues including how to: change the ways non-reclaimers relate to reclaimers and develop integration projects; support municipal officials working on integration; create an enabling environment; integrate landfill waste pickers; integrate women waste pickers; kick-start integration; design an integration pilot project; write a Waste Picker Integration Plan; and create social plans for waste pickers.

Additional resources:

Waste picker integration – Municipal officials and integration

Waste picker integration – Kickstarting integration

Tool 5 – Key features of pilot projects

Tool 6 – Waste Picker Integration Plan template

Seven Steps

Reclaimer profile – Eva Mokoena – Organising

Webinar – Integrating landfill waste pickers

Webinar – Waste picker registration

Reclaimers & Reclaiming – Social plans for landfill reclaimers

Waste picker integration – Enabling national environment

Reclaimers & Reclaiming – Amending landfill licences to permit waste picking

Waste Picker Integration Guideline for South Africa


Additional resources:

Technical report on registration pilot

SA Waste Picker Registration System Train the Trainer Workshop Guide

SA Waste Picker Registration Campaign Manual

Presentation – Reclaimer Registration Pilot Project

Poster – 3 stages of the WP registration campaign

Poster – EPR and WP registration

Integration toolkit

This Toolkit includes quick references and checklists to remind you of some of the key actions that need to be taken as you move through the 7 Steps for Waste Picker Integration. You could print them out and hang them on your wall or put them in a quick-access folder to take to meetings on integration. Collaborative Waste Picker Integration Working Groups can use them as guides as they work through the 7 Steps. They can also be used when teaching people about the 7 Steps.

Additional resources:

Tool 1 – Establishing an Internal Task Team

Tool 2 – Analysing existing policies

Tool 3 – Checklist for meetings

Tool 4 – Addressing typical problems

Tool 5 – Key features of pilot projects

Tool 6 – Waste Picker Integration Plan template

Tool 7 – Enabling the Waste Picker Integration Plan

Tool 8 – Institutionalizing the Plan

Tool 9 – Checklist for M & E

Tool 10 – Revise the Waste Picker Integration Plan